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Caribbean Bed and Breakfast highly rated for thoughtful design in Saint George’s, Grenada West Indies.

Fascinated and captivated by Grenada’s beauty thousands flock to our shores and Ports each year finding a beauty to behold. From white sandy Beaches, cascading Waterfalls, oceans, and Rivers with crystal clear Waters.


A popular snorkeling site is the underwater gallery of sculptures in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area the first of Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater gardens, A true reflection of Grenada’s culture. Its 75 sculptures attract a stunning array of marine life.


Fort George built by the French in the early 18th century. For amazing views of the Town of St. George’s and the ocean, make your way to Fort George, considered the most important historical structure in St. George’s for its part in all the political and military changes that have taken place on the island over the last 300 years.


Carnival started in Trinidad around 1785. As the French settlers began arriving in Trinidad. Held in St. George’s in August, Spicemas is a Grenadian expression in all its glory and brimming with pageantry linked to the island’s African, French, British, and Caribbean heritage.


Grenada market with newly renovated spice market hall in St. George’s – great for spices and fresh fruits & vegetables. Grenada Market selects its products from the best and most reliable farmers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs on the islands.


Historical Fort Frederick, built by the French atop a hill high above the sea with sweeping views of St. George´s, Grand Anse, Grand Etang, and the southern part of the island. Fort Frederick was started by the French to secure their position after they had so easily captured the island from the British in 1779.


Morne Rouge Bay Beach is the ideal beach for families because of its shallower, warmer, and mostly calm. one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada – secluded and close to the Grand Anse area.


The Dougaldston Estate is the oldest Spice Plantation in Grenada – close to Gouyave in the parish of St John. Dougaldston will introduce you to most of Grenada’s spices and leave you pondering the past and present life of those whose living depends/depended on this branch of agriculture.


Westerhall Estate has been operating since the 1900s, located in St. David’s. Visit the Museum. Take a tour of the ruins and sample their award-winning rums.


Annandale Falls is located on the southwest side of the Island, a short distance about fifteen minutes from the capital of St George’s. Visitors are welcome to take an invigorating swim, relax and jump off the top of the Falls.

View from Mt. Parnassus Grenada


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All are welcomed at Grenada bed & breakfasts 

Some vacation rentals are designed to simply give the guest a roof overhead and a comfortable bed to sleep on between visits to Grand Anse beach or a quick dip at Annandale Falls on your way back from a hike. This definitely isn’t the case with our bed and breakfast (also known as a breakfast inn). The perfect B&B doesn’t just host your vacation to Grenada, it becomes part of it. In many cases, guests get to know the staff of the B&B, as well as mingle with other guests. Many B&Bs also arrange activities for guests, such as hikes in the area, bird-watching outings, or fun game nights.

Bed and breakfast have a reputation as a romantic retreat for couples. However, B and B are actually for all sorts of holiday travelers. Book one of our River Road, St. Georges BnBs, or our Mt. Parnassus, St. Georges AirBnB with a parent, child, or your favorite travel buddy.